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Three Lessons from Jesus' Parents

This is part two of the four-part series, The Characters of Christmas.

Key Scripture Luke 1: 26-38.

Mary and Joseph.

  • They both were important characters in the Christmas story.
  • There are some lessons we can definitely learn from them.

They both were strong in faith.

  • They demonstrated this strong faith by their obedience to the will of God.
  • They were willing to suffer in the world as a result of their obedience.

They were both young.

  • Note: This isn't to say that God can only use young people rather than older people.
  • The ability to obey God does not depend on age.
  • They were willing to be used by God.
  • God doesn't have any age requirements when it comes to who can serve Him.
  • He used people of all ages in the Bible.

They used what they had.

  • Note: Based on what we see in the Bible, Mary and Joseph were poor. We see this in two details.
  • The infamous first crib of Jesus: the manger.
  • Evidently Joseph didn't have any family connections or influence to provide a more substantial coding for he and Mary.
  • They offered a sacrifice of two turtledoves.
  • After Jesus was born, Mary and Joseph took Him to the temple.
  • The sacrifice they offered was two turtledoves.
  • Leviticus 12 shows that when presenting a first-born male at the temple, the offering was to be a lamb.
  • If a family couldn't afford a lamb, then two turtledoves were to be used instead. Leviticus 12:8.


  • Look at this reminder from the Apostle Paul. 1 Corinthians 1:27, "But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;"
  • When it comes to the characters of Christmas, as we saw last week with elderly and childless Zacharias and Elizabeth, so we see with Mary and Joseph: God is using the weak, the poor, the non-influencers, to bring about His entry into the world; and by doing so, He is turning the whole world system upside down.
  • In what ways are you participating in this part of the Christmas story?
  • Are you on the lookout for how God is moving among the unseen and non-influencers?
  • Or are you looking to the powerful, the influencers, to change the world?