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A Struggle to Have Faith

This is part 3 of the four part series about dealing with doubt.

Key Scripture Mark 9:20-26.


  • Have you ever been so desperate for something--like when you're hungry or thirsty and are desperate for anything that will fill it?
  • Our doubt can come from disappointment, but it can also desperately drive us to search for answers and help.
  • In the story in Mark 9, we find desperation, hope and healing.
  • The father in the moment believed that Jesus could perform this miracle, yet he struggled with doubt.
  • When disappointment becomes the norm, doubt may be your natural reaction.

Can God handle our questions and struggles?

  • You just need to have mustard seed size of faith in order for God to work.
  • Don't feel guilt or shame when struggling with doubt.
  • Jesus never said you wouldn't struggle with doubt.

Jesus didn't reject the father when spoke of his struggle with belief.

  • The man believed but also knew that his faith was weak.
  • His faith was mixed with unbelief. So in a display of honesty, he asked Jesus to help him overcome his unbelief.

Christian and doubt.

  • How we treat others within the family of God affects their connection to God.
  • How do you treat another believer who is struggling with doubts as a Christian.
  • You can either encourage them or discourage them.
  • Think about that for a moment.
  • How do you treat someone who isn't a believer and struggling with doubting God?
  • How you react to their doubt is crucial.
  • You could help them turn to God or go further away from God.


  • God shows compassion to those who have doubts.
  • We as a church have an opportunity to show others that same compassion.
  • "It is possible to go to heaven with a lot of doubts, and it is possible to go to hell with a lot of certainty—people do it every day.” Dallas Willard