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Getting Away

Key Scripture Mark 1:35-39.

In need of rest.

  • Everyone has been tired at some point and needed to rest.
  • It's okay to need time to rest.

Setting of the text.

  • In verses 29-34, Jesus had been very busy.
  • He had healed Peter's mother-in-law.
  • He then healed people of their illnesses and cast out demons from those who were demon-possessed.
  • Jesus needed some time away from the people so that He could spend it with God.
  • He went to a solitary place to get alone with God.

Below are two benefits of solitude and silence with God.

Renewed confidence.

  • This is a renewed confidence in God, not in oneself.
  • Confidence in:
  • God's love and care for you.
  • God's plan and purpose for your life.
  • The ability of God to provide for your needs.

The right direction.

  • Sometimes we listen to the pull of those around us instead of following the lead of the Holy Spirit.
  • Silence and solitude help us to identify distractions and put them behind us as we seek out God’s will.
  • Sometimes we need to get alone with God so we can listen to Him and know the next steps that He has for us.


  • Solitude and silence are key to growing into the likeness of Jesus
  • We live in a world that glamorizes the fixed, focused work that leaves people exhausted.
  • We cannot always be “on.” If we are to grow into the people God is shaping us to be, then we must make time to sit and listen to the voice of God stirring our hearts.