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A World Changer

In this message, Pastor Paul looks at the story of widow's offering of two mites.

Key Scripture (Luke 21:1-4).

When to be generous.

  • Should you only be generous when you have more than enough?
  • If you wait to be generous until you are ready, you will never be ready.

It's not about money.

  • This story isn't about money, because this widow gave the least from a monetary perspective.
  • It's about being faithful and generous even when it seems like you shouldn't be.
  • This story shows that there are no small gifts.

Generosity can change the world.

  • No matter how insignificant you might think you are, you still can change the world through generosity.
  • Whatever your abilities are, use them to be a blessing to others.


  • The time to be generous is now.
  • Determine to change the world through your generosity.