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The Need for Evaluation

This is the first part, of the four-part series, "A New Normal: Finding New Rhythms of Life." In this message, Pastor Paul looks at the story found in the Old Testament book of Haggai. The Israelites were forced to evaluate their life and make some adjustments. We see in this what happened that caused the need for evaluation and how it worked out.

Key Scripture (Haggai 1:1--7).

A different focus.

  • After returning to Jerusalem, the children of Israel were not focused properly.
  • They had rebuilt their homes and were doing okay.
  • Their crops were not bringing in the usual amount.
  • Sure they were getting by, but they were also missing out on some things.
  • They had neglected building the temple of God as they had originally intended to do.

A turning point.

  • Defined: "A time at which a decisive change in a situation occurs, especially one with beneficial results."
  • The children of Israel were at a turning point.
  • They were living life like everything was okay, while pretending not to notice they hadn't done what God wanted them to do.

The right fit.

  • Illustration: If you've ever purchased new furniture or moved into a new home or apartment, maybe you've struggled to make things fit.
  • This happens when you begin a new life stage.
  • It is unsettling and unfamiliar, but with time you can begin to find familiar things in the new normal.
  • This often requires giving ourselves (and those with whom we closely share life) an immense amount of grace and patience.


  • Look to God to guide you.
  • He wants to guide you through life.
  • Look to Him during those moments and He will help you adjust and make sure the things in your life are in the right place.